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Cabins for Onshore/Offshore Applications

offshore cabin

Turnkey Industries designs and builds lightweight, high-strength cabins that can be configured for skid-mounted, trailer-mounted and truck-mounted applications for onshore and offshore applications. Various options are available to meet any need you may have. Our cabins are custom built to meet your specific needs and are commonly used on Coiled Tubing Units, Cementing Units, and Nitrogen and Industrial Gas Equipment.

Leading Edge Innovation

Collapsible Cabins Reduce Height During Transport to Allow Access to Areas with Height Restrictions

Our customers had a problem; standard height cabins, when mounted on a trailer, were too tall to transport to many areas. The Solution: Turnkey Industries partnered with our client to develop a safer, lighter, more efficient collapsible cabin- one that could be reduced in height during transport to meet clearance restrictions and then expanded to a standard height once on location. At Turnkey, we love a challenge and look forward to finding solutions to your most complicated problems.


At Turnkey, we know that one size doesn't fit all. We design and manufacture your cabin to meet your specific needs. Tell us what you need and we will build it. Common components include:

  • Collapsible cabin to reduce height during transport
  • side entry doors
  • rear entry doors
  • slide-out to expand interior space
  • containerization/sound attenuation
  • exhaust gas-cooling system with integral flame traps
  • gas detection system
  • explosion-proof wiring
  • certified lifting frames
expandable offshore cabin